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Project Description
Example of AngularJS front end with Web API, Entity Framework, Angular Unit Testing, Custom Filters, Paging, Mocking, ngAnimate, Client Side validations etc

An AngularJS project with Web API back end. Details are below:

- AngularJS
- Bootstrap and tooltip
- Popscript
- Jasmine for unit testing
- Chutzpah Test runner (VS extension) to integrate tests with VS Test runner
- Sinon for mocking
- ASP.Net Web API
- CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing)
- Entity Framework 6

Angular Features:
- Controllers
- Controller testing and mocking with jasmine
- Services
- Resources
- Client side validation using ng-messages
- ngAnimimate
- ngMessages for client side validation and reuse of the code
- Custom filters
- Paging

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